Physical Copies VS Digital Ones

Hey guys!!

So today I decided to talk about an issue I suppose a lot of readers (including myself) face. As technology evolves and progresses, alternatives to a lot of stuff have also emerged. Of course, these alternatives, despite they’re perks, come with they’re own burdens and complications. I have been constantly asked by my relatives and friends if I’ve ever heard of a Kindle, and I’m like yeah duh, but holding an actual book, and devouring the pages’ stunning scent is honestly an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

giphy (5)

And let’s be honest here, digital copies are a helluva cheaper than the physical ones. But personally, I would rather buy one physical book than three digital ones. Some would reason that a book would be too heavy while traveling, and so comes the benefit of a Kindle. But come on, what’s a couple of grams or two, right?

And then there’s the joy of marking my favorite quotes with a highlighter. And the reshelving (I do this every time I feel down or simply bored). And of course, what’s better than showing off your overflowed bookshelf?

giphy (4)

I got a NetGalley account a couple of months ago. For the ones not familiar with it, it’s a website that basically allows you to request digital ARC’s from your favorite publisher or author. Now the reason I chose that one precisely is the fact that I live outside the USA, and being sent physical copies is sort of impossible. So anyways, I’ve been provided with a couple of books which I read and absolutely loved. But then came the guilt and regret; they’re too good to not have physically on my bookshelf.

And although I can’t order anything from Amazon or any online website because it’s basically unavailable in my country, I appreciate the trouble of my friends and I turning into a search party when going to a bookstore, due to the limitations of the availability of various (even the famous) book titles.

And let’s not forget the fact that reading physical books is pretty hot and attractive.

giphy (3)

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to know what sort of copies you prefer!! 😉

Have a nice day


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