Me Before You Movie Review




Hands down, the best book-to-movie adaptation I’ve ever encountered.

Something I found in this one that wasn’t present in others is the fact that more than 90% of the script is precisely identical to the book. Only an avid reader would know the joy of hearing their favorite quotes being said aloud. I can’t begin to describe how satisfied I am with this adaptation. Every flinch, every gaze, every.single.thing. was brought delicately and precisely to life.

Clark was exactly as I had imagined. With all the clothes and the cheery voice. AND THAT SONG. OH MY GOD. I was laughing so hard. It was brilliant.



Lou & Treena

I loved the fact that she and her sister seemed way closer in the movie than they were in the book.


Camilla looked so much friendlier in the movie. She didn’t really look at Clark they way she did in the book, and for that, I respected her character. The movie actually changed a lot of my thoughts around the book, to the better.

Steven was notman-whore, pretty nice in the movie, actually. Nice to Lou. And the way the director captures his relationship with Camilla was actually quite interesting. I also noticed that they didn’t mention Will’s sister in the movie, or even Steven’s girlfriend. But they felt minor anyway.

Patrick was quite as I imagined he would be. His life centered around his stupid marathon. And that conversation he had with Will about the fitness advice was so damn close to what I had imagined it to look like that I actually teared up a bit.

Rupert being Will’s best friend instead of his boss was a great change.

Will was… Will. It was ludicrous how perfectly well he was portrayed. I’m pretty sure sitting in a chair all day on set and not moving a muscle was quite challenging. I couldn’t help but notice the simplest but most intimate scenes (that don’t actually require touching at all) that you’d only read in books but were expertly portrayed on screen.



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