TV Shows Worthy Of Reading Slumps

As a reader, I tend to avoid TV shows and trendy series at all costs. Especially when I’m behind on my reading schedule. But you know, sometimes, desperate times call for desperate means. I mean, really desperate means. Like if you’re in a reading slump, or if you’ve just finished your finals… You might finish a series of 4 full seasons in 1 week (Yep, I did that). So here’s a list of TV Shows that are worth having reading slumps for:

Orphan Black



Recommended to: Sci Fi geeks. Especially if you like genetics and that sort of thing. If you’ve read and liked Claudia Gray’s A Thousand Pieces Of You series, Orphan Black is a lot like it. It’s a dark and heavy show, but it’s gotta be -hands down-  my favorite show of all time.

Number of seasons: 4 seasons. The 5th and final one airs in 2017.

Teen Wolf


Recommended to: People who like romance, suspense, fantasy, and a lot of comedy, all packed into one show. It’s a light show, that’s going to make you double over in laughter. The reason why I started this show is the one and only Dylan O’Brien who plays Stiles. (The first two seasons are the best)

Number of seasons: 5 seasons. The 6th and final one airs on November 15.

Melissa & Joey:


Recommended to:  Anyone who’s sole goal is to have a good laugh. This one will just warm your heart and make you laugh at loud. I started watching this show because of Nick Robinson who plays Ryder.

Number of seasons: 4 seasons.

Grey’s Anatomy:


Recommended to: Everyone, basically. Although the fact that it centers on medicine is what made me give this show a shot, I was surprised at how well written this show is. Finding myself practically sobbing during every single episode. It’s so realistic and it just talks about the simplest stuff in life delivered to you in a really emotional and twisted show.

Number of seasons: 13 and still airing. I’m currently in season 6.

Let me know what you’re currently watching and what your favorite TV shows are in the comment-section below..

Happy reading watching!! ❤❤


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