Authors I’m Grateful For

Quote Of The Week.pngWhile everyone is posting about books they’re grateful for, I decided to dedicate this to my favorite book authors. The ones that I believe will never understand how big of an impact their books had on me. Nothing I do or say would come close to describe how much I’m thankful you exist.

Tahereh Mafi

Author of the deeply loved Shatter Me series; aka creator of Aaron Warner.


Rick Yancey

Author of The 5th Wave series, which was the turning point in my entire reading experience. His writing style and his distinctive approach to story-telling made me see life from a completely different angle.

James Dashner

Most of you probably uncovered your inner fangirl/fanboy self after reading the Harry Potter series. In my case, The Maze Runner series was what unearthed my fangirl self; it was the first fandom I’ve ever joined. Any devoted reader would understand how significant a first fandom is. maze-runner-books.jpg

Stephenie Meyer

Twilight was probably the first picture-less book I’ve read.


Colleen Hoover

I would be lying if I said I didn’t leave the best for last, though the order of the previous authors is absolutely indiscriminate, Colleen is -hands down- my favorite contemporary-book author.



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