SOS !!!


Okay guys, I seriously need your help.

So I got the first two books from the Infernal Devices series (Clockwork Angel & Clockwork Prince) by Cassandra Clare which I’m sure almost everyone has already read. And I got the first book from her Mortal Instruments series (City Of Bones). And I’m honestly confused; I only figured out that they’re both labeled as the Shadowhunters series after I purchased them. Like they’re probably connected or something? And when I Googled in what order I should be reading the books, every person had a different order. Like should I read The Infernal Devices first, or the Mortal Instruments? I considered reading them according to the increasing order of their publication date but I’m still not sure.

So if you’ve read the books or have an idea about how I’m supposed to be reading them, please let me know in the comment-section!!


After by Anna Todd Book Review

Book review(

This book is definitely a far cry from any contemporary I’ve previously read. And I know for a fact that comparing it to a Colleen Hoover book, let’s say, would be far from fair. So I’m reviewing this book as it is exactly, a Wattpad story or rather, a fanfiction. One written by a fangirl who probably had as much writing skills as myself, which are strictly average. So here it goes. Continue reading

Reasons Why I Dread Book-To-Movie Adaptations

Realizing your favorite book is being turned into a movie and getting to live through the journey of` finding the cast members and the director and all that is such a remarkable phase. But I can’t lie, my heart skips a beat every single time someone hits me with this book-to-movie adaptation news. Call it “the fear of the unknown”, or “the fear of screwing up the damn book to the point of no possible return”, it still is something that keeps me awake at night, worrying what will become of this specific novel. Continue reading