Reasons Why I Dread Book-To-Movie Adaptations

Realizing your favorite book is being turned into a movie and getting to live through the journey of` finding the cast members and the director and all that is such a remarkable phase. But I can’t lie, my heart skips a beat every single time someone hits me with this book-to-movie adaptation news. Call it “the fear of the unknown”, or “the fear of screwing up the damn book to the point of no possible return”, it still is something that keeps me awake at night, worrying what will become of this specific novel.


Dylan O’Brien is always there to save the day and capture my emotions in this little GIF here

Here are 3 reasons why these adaptations scare the hell out of me:

I Don’t Trust The Casting:

I hate it when someone sends me a picture of an actor/model who they think looks great portraying a certain character from a book. Like, please don’t force me to picture them as a real person, it’s so wounding. Because here’s the thing; I personally think of a fictional character (especially when it’s the lead’s love interest) as this inhumanly gorgeous creature that’s too good to be real. I never picture them in my mind as a real person, ever. That always feels rude and offensive towards the character. They’re fictional! Why underrate and undervalue them and picture them as real humans for God’s sake?! That would never do them justice.

I Don’t Trust The Writers And The Director:

So I’m sure everybody heard of the Allegiant movie news. They’re going to turn it into a TV movie for crying out loud! A TV MOVIE!

For the ones who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s basically a movie that is only shown on TV; it won’t be shown on the big screen (Yes, kiss seeing Theo’s gorgeous face on the big screen goodbye people), this is usually due to a low-budget.

And I don’t even want to talk about what has become of this series. The movies went all down after Divergent. I still cringe every time I come across Insurgent on TV. I blame it on that stupid box.

This happened because they changed the director after Divergent. Did he lose interest? YOU HAD ONE JOB MISTER.

The Actor’s Indifference (Apathy Even) Towards Their Character

Now, here’s the thing. Twilight was one of the first real books I’ve read. And by default, I had this MASSIVE crush on Robert Pattinson (who didn’t, right?). Anyhow, I admit that he portrayed Edward beautifully. But if you’ve ever watched interviews and BTS you’d notice how much he insults and underrates the character he’s portraying. I mean, who the hell forced you to take the job, for God’s sake?! No one hates Twilight more than Robert Pattinson. Literally. You can Google that right now.

No. Just… No.


I know I sounded really pissed off and even a little aggressive throughout this post. Sorry, not sorry. It’s just that it tends to become a little annoying sometimes. And I definitely did not include every single book-to-movie adaptation when I said this. Some adaptations are so perfect and on-point, but I’m just talking about the majority here. And of course, I don’t expect everyone to be convinced or even accept my beliefs. And as you can see, I have major trust issues.

Until next time,

Happy Reading Xx


10 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Dread Book-To-Movie Adaptations

  1. teensywriter says:

    I can totally agree with this — sometimes movies completely screw over a book. One of my favourites, The Hobbit, was turned into a movie rather recently, and while I can say the casting was actually quite well done and the first movie was absolutely brilliant, there were a few plot points that I was extremely angered to find altered when the movie came out. However, the Lord of the Rings is one that I can definitely say went down completely brilliantly (maybe despite a few things *cough cough Faramir*).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nadwa @ painfullyfictional says:

      Exactly!! And sometimes I’d go like, That definitely wasn’t worth it. I’d pity the author because the directors would literally screw up everything he/she’d worked for to create this amazing world with these awesome characters. Like what the hell.


  2. Krysta says:

    I always marvel when someone takes a highly successful book and drastically changes it when they make the film version. Certainly the media are different and changes must be made, but if you’re at the point where you’re essentially telling a different story but with the same character names, what is the point? The book was successful so why are you risking your own success by taking away everything people liked?

    Liked by 1 person

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