SOS !!!


Okay guys, I seriously need your help.

So I got the first two books from the Infernal Devices series (Clockwork Angel & Clockwork Prince) by Cassandra Clare which I’m sure almost everyone has already read. And I got the first book from her Mortal Instruments series (City Of Bones). And I’m honestly confused; I only figured out that they’re both labeled as the Shadowhunters series after I purchased them. Like they’re probably connected or something? And when I Googled in what order I should be reading the books, every person had a different order. Like should I read The Infernal Devices first, or the Mortal Instruments? I considered reading them according to the increasing order of their publication date but I’m still not sure.

So if you’ve read the books or have an idea about how I’m supposed to be reading them, please let me know in the comment-section!!


16 thoughts on “SOS !!!

  1. thesarahdoughty says:

    I think this depends on your preference. Some of the books chronologically take place in a different order than when they were published. So it depends on how you want to experience it. If you read in publication order, you should be able to jump back and forth in the timeline without having trouble keeping up. Chronological order would be like watching all the Star Wars films in the opposite order. Either way, you still see what happens.


  2. thriceread says:

    Honestly it doesn’t matter. I read The Infernal Devices first and then The Mortal Instruments. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the Mortal Instruments but it might be because I loved The Infernal Devices so much. So, read them in whatever order you choose you’ll be fine either way. 😁👍🏻



  3. Jolien @ The Fictional Reader says:

    As for the Infernal Devices, the only slight spoiler you will get is in the epilogue of the third book. There something happens that ties back to the Mortal Instruments. For the rest, I don’t really know… Maybe read publication order? Or just whatever you feel like reading 🙂


  4. HM Waugh - Writer says:

    I read the Infernal Devices first and I liked the insight it gave me when I started City of Bones. But they say it seriously doesn’t matter, and I believe that. There are links throughout that mean you can read in any order and you won’t get spoilers, just enticing hints.
    Infernal Devices are my favourite though!

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  5. mybookishworldweb says:

    My favorite way is to read the first 5 mortal instruments, then read the infernal decides, then read the last mortal instruments book. I find that publication order sometimes can really mess with your memory of what happened sometimes

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