SOS #2

i-need-blogging-relatedassistance-asapOkay so I published a couple minutes ago a post on the Mystery Blogger Award, and I figured something out:

I’ve been already nominated on December 22nd AND I DID NOT GET NOTIFIED. 

I feel so embarrassed, because the blogger obviously was so sweet to think of me and remember to tag me and I didn’t even know that I was tagged in the first place. 

Now, I don’t know if there’s some sort of bug or something that caused that, but I usually receive notifications on comments and likes regularly. But the fact that there might be bloggers out there who have once tagged me or linked a post to my blog without me knowing makes me want to just literally erase myself from existence because, again, this would be super mortifying.

So I apologize if this has ever happened. I would never ignore anyone; I actually always tend to do anything and everything to get closer to other book bloggers, and this community had been nothing but absolutely considerate and gracious to me since I started blogging.

And please, if you know what the hell is happening or what I’m doing wrong, tell me how to fix it.


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