Serpent Book Review


[I was generously provided a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review]

I really liked the way the plot was woven. And the reality of first-love experiences and second chances.  But the thing is, I thought the protagonist was a little childish, and  her tenor wasn’t that of a typical 20 year old girl- woman. She was a little overreacting at times, which was unpleasant. But of course, I can’t judge the whole story depending on that one aspect.

I’m pretty sure I detected a noticeable character development (Aria’s) throughout the novel, which I think is the most beautiful feature that can be presented in a novel. And it takes experience and skill to pull that off. And I honestly did not expect a cliffhanger at the end; I just assumed all the pieces would go back together; but then again, the ending did present one important thing; Aria’s transformation from an innocent and inexperienced princess into a strong and resilient woman.




It has been seventeen years since the Asterian Revolution, and all eyes are on Princess Aria and the long expected royal wedding. Having grown up in a world of royalty and wealth, Aria has been unable to imagine anything less than perfect for her life. But when an indiscretion threatens to ruin her reputation, the princess finds herself cast into a world of scandal.

As rumors and heartbreak threaten to destroy her, Aria journeys to a distant seaport and sets sail on a merchant ship, hoping the voyage will give her the freedom she craves. Though the ocean holds promises of adventure and intrigue, the world may be too small for a royal to truly disappear. With her family desperately searching the kingdoms for her, Aria finds herself surrounded by strangers and realizes that her brashness may have been a deadly mistake…


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