Legacy by Hannah Fielding ARC Review

book-reviewI don’t know where to start; this novel was packed.

Mrs. Fielding describes the sites in an incredibly breathtaking way. It made me feel as though I was seeing the splendor of Spain through my very own eyes; that made feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never been. And that sentiment was so overwhelming and odd to me. It felt like each paragraph describing the cities and their landmarks was literally like canvas being painted on with words. This was a first, I was utterly captivated by the way of writing. The connections and historical events and the ties were so carefully and delicately woven it was astonishing.

I admired Luna’s resilience and self-reliance, but what I loved more was how she progressively overlooked that part of her by virtue of her fervor and passion for the man she loves, the one who’s willing to cherish and hold her. Among many aspects, I found this as the most exhilarating sense of Luna’s character transformation, which -let me just say- was absolutely grand.

What I also loved about Luna was the way she prevailed over her prejudice towards Ruy.

Ruy, the guy with a tortured past and this unexpectedly vulnerable part of him. Nothing hits me harder than a supposedly-arrogant man with a dark past and a fragile heart. Oh, the feels.


Did I mention he’s un médico?!

And finally, I’d like to introduce my favorite character; Señora Sanchez. She’s such a huge part of the novel. And I literally lost it when everything clicked together at last. I feel so frustrated for the fact that I can’t write or talk any further because I honestly don’t want to spoil such an extraordinary story. P.S. I’m not usually a hopeless romantic, but reading this novel got me soaring into a whole new level of exquisiteness and ardor. P.P.S  I need to learn Spanish ASAP.





Legacy (Andalucían Nights #3)

A troubled young journalist finds her loyalties tested when love and desire unearth dark secrets from the past.

Spring, 2010. When Luna Ward, a science journalist from New York, travels halfway across the world to work undercover at an alternative health clinic in Cadiz, her ordered life is thrown into turmoil.

The doctor she is to investigate, the controversial Rodrigo Rueda de Calderon, is not what she expected. With his wild gypsy looks and devilish sense of humour, he is intent upon drawing her to him. But how can she surrender to a passion that threatens all reason; and how could he ever learn to trust her when he discovers her true identity? Then Luna finds that Ruy is carrying a corrosive secret of his own…

Luna’s native Spanish blood begins to fire in this land of exotic legends, flamboyant gypsies and seductive flamenco guitars, as dazzling Cadiz weaves its own magic on her heart. Can Luna and Ruy’s love survive their families’ legacy of feuding and tragedy, and rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the past?

Legacy is a story of truth, dreams and desire. But in a world of secrets you need to be careful what you wish for…


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