Why I Don’t Review Every Book I Read & YA Reading Slump?

dicussionHey guys!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I have been a little inactive lately, due to heavy schoolwork and some exams. Anyways, I have been having a lot of thoughts recently, mainly updates on my new genre preferences and the reason why I don’t review every single book I read.

First off, I realized that I’ve been leaning towards New Adult books lately, I’m not sure why. I’m only seventeen, and the fact that I feel like I’m starting to outgrow  YA books scares the hell out of me. I’ve got a lot of young adult books that had a great impact on my life, and feeling like I’ve outgrown the characters and their stories makes me feel like I’ve lost a huge part of my reading-life. Constantly picking up and reading New Adult books has become a pattern over the last few months. And I realized that I wasn’t able to get around to reading a YA book unless I’m reading it with a New Adult book. Reading ACOMAF and many NA contemporaries has made me criticize and compare YA books to the latter. I like the way the protagonist in NA novels focuses not only on their present but also on their future. And I like the vibe of independence that’s constantly surrounding the protagonist.

The second thing that I wanted to talk about is why I don’t review all the books I read. When I first started blogging, I just wanted to find a place to unleash all my fangirling in a very organized matter. I’ve never looked at my book reviews as a way of gaining followers or impressing others, whether they’re other book bloggers, authors or even publishers. (Although I have had the most fortunate pleasure of getting to know a lot of amazing people along the way). Blogging is not a job that I’ve been obliged to do, it’s just a place I go to in order to find tranquility and delight. Reviewing a book after finishing it gives me satisfaction and makes me feel like I’ve given the characters and their story the appreciation they deserve. But sometimes I don’t feel like reviewing the book, and that’s not because of my mood or my opinion of the book, it’s actually not something I fully understood or even troubled myself with. If I don’t feel like writing a review, then I simply don’t. And I think the reason why I still love reading and blogging is the fact that I don’t pressure myself with finishing a book I didn’t like or even reviewing a book I did. Life’s too short to do that. And keeping in mind that reading and blogging is strictly a pastime and not an obligation is the reason to my still-burning desire to read and devour books.

This post has definitely taken an unexpectedly serious and dramatic turn, but I just felt the need to speak out my thoughts.

Happy Reading!


16 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Review Every Book I Read & YA Reading Slump?

  1. readwithg says:

    Love this post! I feel the same way about reviewing certain ways. I choose to only review the books that stir my emotions and compel me to share my thoughts and opinions. Also, don’t worry about falling out of YA books! I did for awhile, also. Eventually I came back and the love for them was still there. And I’m 26 🙂 Lovely post, dear!

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  2. Krysta says:

    I don’t review every book I read, either. That would be too much pressure and take an awful lot of time.

    I find not every YA book speaks to me. I don’t really care, for instance, for ones where the girls worry about prom, because to me that’s such an insignificant thing. I realize it’s huge to teenagers, but it’s hard for me to convince myself the stakes are as high as the characters think. Other YA books that have themes I can relate to more are more appealing to me.

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    • Nadwa @ painfullyfictional says:

      Yes! I totally agree. One of the reasons why I was fed up with YA books is the fact that a lot of them center around the most insignificant and trivial concepts, while the NA ones usually have a broader approach on stuff. I really hope I’ll get around this slump soon! I just think I should be picking up the right YA book that could help me get back on track

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  3. thesarahdoughty says:

    Over the years I gradually transitioned from YA, to NA (though it wasn’t a recognized genre yet), and then adult. Though the first two do still capture my attention at times, I’m more drawn to the adult side of things. The characters are more mature, and all the responsibilities don’t fall on teens to do something incredibly stressful or traumatic that no adult can handle for them. There is of course a place for these tales, but a well-rounded book that doesn’t gloss over too many intriguing scenes is more appealing to me these days. The fact that you are gravitating towards NA isn’t a knock on YA. As you said, those books are still great, but there’s more of a sense of future planning and independence with NA. If this is where you’re finding the most joy, then don’t beat yourself up for it. In regards to your second topic, the key to keeping the joy and happiness alive in what you do is to not stress about it. By giving yourself permission to read or DNF what you want, along with deciding whether or not to review said books, you’re not doing things you dislike for the sake of doing them. Those are great habits to keep.

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  4. jeanjeanjeannie says:

    I feel like I go back and forth. For quite a while, I felt like I had outgrown YA books, but I’ve recently started picking them back up again. A good book’s a good book and they exist in all genres and age-groups. Think switching it up is definitely a positive thing. It helps you from getting burnt out with all the tropes.

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  5. Mandy says:

    Beautifully said, Nadwa! Sometimes you just have to take a break as you said and recharge on YA. For a while, I was reading a lot of adult books and I thought that was where I was headed with reading. After a while, though, I was drawn back into YA, and I still find myself picking up books here and there in the adult world. So I think you could do both and not have a problem. But it is scary to leave from YA. D: Good luck with your schoolwork and exams! 🙂

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  6. Diana Petrova says:

    I completely agree with you! I love reading YA and reviewing the books is fun most of the times. Writing a review helps me think over what I read and sometimes I end up discovering things that I never even noticed while reading. I also like that perhaps what I put up might help someone else find their next favorite book (or avoid a read if they don’t like the themes). But I don’t necessarily review all the books I read because I don’t feel the urge to. For some I have nothing to say, for others – I didn’t pay enough attention. If it’s forced, everyone knows it. Especially me.

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  7. Brandilyn Gilbert says:

    I recently went to a writer’s conference and all the publishing industry folks were saying that NA isn’t really an established genre. So now I’m super curious! What are some of your top NA recommendations? I’d love to take a look at some titles!

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