Loot Crate: My Bookish Dream Crate

nightLoot Crate is a monthly nerdy subscription box for every fandom, enthusiast group and style. If you ask me, it’s basically a piece of heaven delivered to your door, especially if it’s a fandom you’re crazy in love with. So when the team at Loot Crate contacted me, asking me to design my very own “Dream Crate”, I was more than happy to go for it! I thought picking a theme would take ages, but after staring at a blank wall for two minutes this thought popped into my head: “Night Sky”

There are a lot of place you could go with that theme, but the one place that appealed the most to me is basically one of the world’s favorite fandom right now; A Court Of Mist And Fury. So here’s a list of what I found would be perfect for a Night Sky inspired dream crate:

1. This gorgeous throw pillow from redbubble


2. And this Jasmin, sea mist, and citrus scented Court Of Dreams candle that gives me all the feels, because it reminds me so much of Velaris. (from Etsy)


3. And this is for everyone who loves to hate Tamlin!


4. These breathtaking starry night bookmarks


5. And this gorgeous Night Court inspired keychain


6. And finally, this Feyre  Archeron vinyl figure


For some reason, starry night skies give me this weird feeling of nostalgia. It’s such a beautiful and mesmerizing sight.

What would you add to this Night-Sky-inspired crate? Let me know in the comments-section below!


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