Touch Of Fondness Book Review


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[I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]
This book was light, funny and heartwarming. The originality of the plot was so captivating; it’s actually become hard to find an original contemporary. Archer’s disability was so interesting to read about. And I loved the way he dealt with everything and built an almost-normal life for himself despite his disability. His insecurities and the fact that he was always doubting himself through every move he made -especially around Brielle- was heartbreakingly beautiful; he wanted to be better for her, and that alone made me want to sob and sink into a puddle of my own tears.
I found Brielle to be a little annoying at times. It just felt like she was somehow overreacting about Daniel and her former relationship with him. And for some reason, it honestly felt like she was sometimes a little superior when dealing with Archer, especially when she was over-thinking the fact he’s getting too attached after their ‘moment’.
Their first date was so lovely; picturing Archer holding a tote bag filled with homemade sandwiches literally turned my insides into goo.
Gavin was hilarious. And the way Lilac put it: “… right before I hop over to Disney World and tell Gaston how my best friend back home first thought he might be gay when he fell in love with his two-dimensional six-pack.” made me laugh so hard. Gavin was hands-down my favorite among Brielle’s friends. I still have a lot of mixed feelings about Lilac and Pembroke.
All in all, it was a pretty interesting book. I really wanted more Archer-Brielle, especially in the epilogue. Like probably fast-forward to 10 more years? But that’s probably only because I really really want them to, like, get married and have kids and grow old together; anything less wouldn’t be satisfying.




Four friends. Four college grads. Four people figuring out that life doesn’t always turn out the way you expected.

Brielle Reyes may not have post-college life planned out like some of her friends do, but she figures she’ll work for her mother’s home cleaning service while job hunting for something that makes use of her history and philosophy degrees. It’ll work out as long as she doesn’t fall in love. Her last relationship was a disaster and she has no idea where she’ll be in a few weeks, let alone the rest of her life. Since the only guy in her age range she sees now on a regular basis is cantankerous if handsome client Archer Ward, she probably won’t have a hard time sticking to that vow. Probably.

Archer Ward likes very few things: illustrating as a somewhat-celebrated comic artist and his privacy. When his meddling mother hires him a cleaning service on an almost daily basis because she doesn’t fully trust her son to live on his own with his disability, he’s at first annoyed—even if his house cleaner is the most beautiful woman he’s ever spent more than a few minutes with. When he realizes her dreams may take her far outside of his restricted orbit, he has to decide whether to stifle his interest in her or risk messing up her plans to explore if there’s something more between them.


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