May Wrap Up

May Wrap Up & Book Haul

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Ah, don’t look so surprised. Nadwa’s doing a wrap up!

Yes, this month, I’ve decided to do a wrap up. Since a lot of stuff happened in May, and it honestly feels like it’s time. I think I made a sloppy wrap-up-post at some point during my wretched amateur blogging times, but this one’s going to be a well-written one -hopefully.  Continue reading


I Just Created A New Meme!!: We’re My OTP

We're My OTPHey guys!

I’ve been planning on starting a new meme for a  while now. The issue isn’t with writing the post, though, it’s with coming up with the idea. So as I was chilling in the afternoon, torturing myself by overthinking about my finals that are only 2 weeks away, and which are literally going to determine my future since they’re basically what I’ve been studying for since I was four (yep, no pressure there), the idea hit me out of nowhere. Actually, scratch that, the idea hit me while I was 3 pages away from finishing A Court Of Thorns And Roses, which I’m rereading at the moment. Continue reading

Books to Have In Your Beach Bag

Books to Have In Your Beach BagMay is finally coming to an end, and June is on it’s way. Which means that summer is just around the corner. My idea of a great summer is lounging lazily in a pool chair with some tanning oil, lemon iced tea, a good summer playlist, enjoyable company, and last, but certainly not least, a good book.

So here’s a pretty quick list of books that belong in that beach bag!  Continue reading

Manchester Arena Attack

Manchester Arena Attack


Although I try to keep it pretty professional here, on my blog, and I know I have a strictly books-only policy, one cannot ignore what’s happening out there in the world. I was just scrolling down my Twitter newsfeed to find people going crazy over a ‘Manchester Arena Bombing’ and I was all like, what the hell? Continue reading

My Despicable DNF List

My Despicable DNF List

inslee haynes


Adding a book to the shameful DNF section is always my absolute final escape. I hate that list, and although it only constitutes of 6 books for now, it still feels like a burden that I’ll always be carrying with me. So here’s a list of books that, unfortunately made it to that wretched list, and earned the dishonorable DNF badge. Continue reading