Manchester Arena Attack

Manchester Arena Attack


Although I try to keep it pretty professional here, on my blog, and I know I have a strictly books-only policy, one cannot ignore what’s happening out there in the world. I was just scrolling down my Twitter newsfeed to find people going crazy over a ‘Manchester Arena Bombing’ and I was all like, what the hell?

Honestly? Seeing parents tweeting about their missing kids and people tweeting about their injured friends literally gave me the chills. And even though I’m pretty used to the continuous bombings and ISIS attacks where I live, that did not make what happened last night in Manchester any less terrifying.

I’m not going to drag this out. But I’ve lived through 38 attacks that have happened in the different cities of Lebanon since 2012. One that happened Downtown after 30 minutes of my passing through the bombing site. So yes, it was pretty close. And the bombers targeted Christians and Muslims equally, knowing that Christians make up 51% of the population and Muslims 49%. Can you imagine how it feels like to dread going to school in case an attack happens on your way to/or back from school? Or jumping at every single sound in class thinking it’s an attack?

What I want to say is, no matter what happens, know that you’re not alone. I personally understand what it’s like. To the ones who live in Manchester or any other place really, and are scared, please stay strong. I’m praying for all the victims and the injured and their parents and friends. I know it isn’t fair, and the fact that there are victims that are under 16 horrifies me. Please stay brave and have faith that things are going to become better and that justice will be served. My heart goes to all the victims’ parents out there and their loved ones.

I hope all of you guys are safe and okay 💘




17 thoughts on “Manchester Arena Attack

  1. meltingpotsandothercalamities says:

    This was well said. In this climate especially, we need to focus on our similarities and what we have in common rather than being divided on our differences. Everyone is different, but we all have things in common. So thank you for writing about this.
    And I’m sorry about the dread you have to go through so often.

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  2. Soph @ makingwordsright says:

    Lovely post to come across. I was actually supposed to go to see Ari (I live in/near Manchester), and I’m just very grateful that my friends who did go are safe and unharmed. Truly heartbreaking, but very well said, and I hope you and your family stay safe. No one should have to go through anything like this. 💖

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    • Nadwa @ painfullyfictional says:

      The fact that it could’ve been any one of us terrifies me. None of those people did anything to deserve this. I’m so glad to hear that you and your loved ones are safe 💖 Thank you 💘💘 It’s weird, but I think we’ve come to accept the fact that the attacks and the terrorism is just a downside of living in this country. I’m initially a US citizen but I chose to live in the country I love despite the dangers lurking within…


  3. A Pretty Story says:

    When I heard about this, I was honestly so sad. It is truly heartbreaking knowing that they were aware young kids and teenagers would be among their casualties, yet continued to be heartless to hurt dozens. I just don’t understand why things like this happen.

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