Ready to Run Book Review


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[I received a free advance review copy in exchange for an honest review]
I honestly read playboy firefighter in the synopsis and couldn’t click that ‘request’ button fast enough. I had really high expectations for this book, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s got the hate-to-love trope which I absolutely love. And then the small-town romance which I’ll never get over. Falling in love with this book was a no-brainer. 
I honestly wasn’t a big fan of Jordan’s at first. I understand her going to Lucky Hollow to find Luke. I admired her resolve and persistence initially. But her badgering after Luke’s pretty obvious rejection to participate in the show was sort of cringe-worthy.
But besides that, I fell in love with Lucky Hollow and its people myself. I love how Jordan just instantly clicked with the ex-brides. I LOVED THAT. Everyone was so incredibly nice and sweet and it reminded me so much of the town I live in.
I loved the country fair part!! When Luke and Jordan volunteered to work at the kissing booth and both were hell-bent on making the other one jealous. It was so much fun to read!!
Simon’s probably my favorite character, though. I was always looking forward to his scenes. I’d constantly find myself laughing so damn hard whenever he’s around Jordan or just literally talking to her over the phone:

“Yes, I watered that weird plant in the corner.”
“It’s fake, Simon.”
“Shit. Well, okay, I’ll try to swing by later, make sure there’s not a leaky mess. Your neighbor’s cute.”
“Damn; figures…”

Then, of course, there’s Luke, who I honestly can’t ignore any longer. How could I?? He’s amazing. UGHH he’s so friggin charming and sweet and, well, okay. HE’S A FIREFIGHTER. We can’t ignore the elephant in the room, now, can we?

“Nobody was inside?” she asked.
He shook his head. “Nope.”
“Not even a pet.”
He have a little smile. “You were hoping to see me saving a cat?”
“Have you?” She smiled back. “Saved a cat?”
He winced and looked away and she gasped. “Oh my God, you have, haven’t you? You’ve saved a freaking cat…”

I loved at the end when Luke was dead-serious about him transferring to the NYFD. THAT MADE MY HEART SKIP A BEAT AND LITERALLY GO NUTS.
*Too busy melting into a puddle of goo to actually swoon*
Overall, I loved the plot. Totally refreshing and original! Loved the writing style and the characters. My only problem was the ending, which was amazing but, well, I expected more than a wedding, to be honest! And as I previously said, I had a small problem understanding Jordan at first.



Ready to Run (I Do, I Don’t #1)

by Lauren Layne

 The Bachelor meets The Runaway Bride in this addictive romance novel about a reality TV producer falling for her would-be star: a Montana heartthrob who wants nothing to do with the show.

Jordan Carpenter thinks she’s finally found the perfect candidate for Jilted, a new dating show about runaway grooms: Luke Elliott, a playboy firefighter who’s left not one but three brides at the altar. The only problem? Luke refuses to answer Jordan’s emails or return her calls. Which is how she ends up on a flight to Montana to recruit him in person. It’s not Manhattan but at least the locals in Lucky Hollow seem friendly . . . except for Luke, who’s more intense—and way hotter—than the slick womanizer Jordan expected.

Eager to put the past behind him, Luke has zero intention of following this gorgeous, fast-talking city girl back to New York. But before he can send her packing, Jordan’s everywhere: at his favorite bar, the county fair, even his exes’ book club. Annoyingly, everyone in Lucky Hollow seems to like her—and deep down, she’s starting to grow on him too. But the more he fights her constant pestering, the more Luke finds himself wishing that Jordan would kick off her high heels and make herself comfortable in his arms.

Expected publication: August 22nd 2017


9 thoughts on “Ready to Run Book Review

  1. May @ Forever and Everly says:

    For some reason I thought Jordan was a boy??? Until I read the synopsis. XD IGNORE ME I LOVE ME SOME GAY PRIDE. (Tho Simon sounds vv cool.) Great review and I actually sort of want to read this??? It’s not normally my style but it sounds vaguely intriguing… XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nadwa @ painfullyfictional says:

      Ugh I’ve yet to read an LGBT book 😭 I’m thinking about reading Adam Silvera’s book for starters. I’m just looking for the perfect book to give me the best impression on a genre that I’m not really that experienced in. Anyways, I always think that gay characters in books that focus on straight couples are SO FRIGGIN UNDERRATED?? Like, Simon is so damn selfless and funny and like, totally sweet. But he’s the most understated character in this book. Or it’s just because I loved him and wanted more 😂 But yes! This book is a must-read!!
      By the way, if you ever get to read the book, you’ll literally squeal when you reread your comment (especially the first sentence). Can’t say anything for now, other than I REALLY HOPE YOU’LL GET TO GIVE THIS ONE A SHOT!!

      Liked by 1 person

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