A post in which I tell you about my future plans // HIATUS

A post in which I tell you about my future plans HIATUS

This is the dreaded post, guys. This is it.

So most of you know that I’ve recently graduated from high school. And some of you are already aware that I’ll be going on a hiatus soon. Why? I’m starting uni. I know most of you would be like, “But I’m  in uni and I work and read and blog and study just fine.” And yes, I know that. But I’m going to a public uni. One literally notorious for screwing student’s brains over. It’s incredibly competitive and exhausting, but the result is totally worth it.

I’m planning to study Pharmacy. To go into Pharmacy school, I’m supposed to enter the faculty of sciences for one year, get a total of at least 12/20, and then take a Pharmacy entrance exam/admission test. I’ll be studying Biology my first year. The tough part about the whole thing is that my first year ends in June, I think, and I’m going to have to study during summer for the entrance exam. To enter Pharm school, I’m going to have to be among the top 40 students who took the exam. To be honest, the odds are high. And most of the students that don’t make it to the top 40 choose to redo their first year at the faculty of sciences (choosing Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry) and also choose to redo the entrance exam, hoping to top that years’ students’ grades.

 study GIF

Stiles understands the struggle

That’s why I think the hiatus is essential. I want to do my absolute best this year, and hopefully, hopefully, make it to the top 40  and get admitted to Pharm school. If that works, I’ll go back to reading and blogging as per usual. And my parents promised me a trip to Charleston, SC next year (bc YALLFEST!) if I pass. It’s definitely going to be a tough year. And honestly, passing the entrance exam from the first year isn’t guaranteed. So there’s a chance the hiatus will stretch into two whole years, but I don’t want to think about that right now. And honestly? Giving up isn’t an option. Becoming a Pharmacist is all I’ve ever wanted. And I’m planning to repeat that first year and the entrance exams twice and even thrice -until I get into Pharm school.

The only thing I’ll be asking of you guys is… please don’t forget me? 😂

No, seriously. I know I didn’t get to blog much this summer. But that was only because I was busy hanging out on Twitter. IT’S SO ADDICTING YOU CAN’T BLAME ME. This time, I’ll be mentioning names, because you girls truly made my day summer.

First and foremost, Laura @thebookcorps aka the girl I tortured the most this year because I created a Goodreads group and literally made her do all the dirty work (more like, made her do ALL the work, dirty or otherwise) but she’s never complained. My Twitter bestie. My English teacher -sometimes. My super supportive fairy godmother… If you don’t know her / follow her yet, please check out her blog. She’s incredible.

Jackie @toomuchofabooknerd… my one and only Warnette shipping companion. She’s hilarious. Understands my Warner obsession to no end. She’s always there to support any crazy decision I make, my writing-a-novel decision being one of many 😂💖 Here’s a link to her blog, make sure to check it out!

There’s Eva @brilliantlybookish. I guess she’s the youngest in the squad, but she’s the most inspiring and motivating person I’ve met. And she reads crazy fast!

Our one and only book princess comes next. Mandy @bookprincessreviews is the most active blogger I know. She’s created original books tags, weekly memes, she’s done collabs. I honestly don’t know how she does it. Also, she’s one of the most passionate Cresswell shippers out there, only preceded by me 😂💖

Then there’s Rendz @readingwithrendz. Because mentioning The Lunar Chronicles, or really just Thorne, demands her name coming to mind. A super enthusiastic TLC fan. She’s practically awesome in every way. Just downright amazing 💘

Lia @lostinastory, who I don’t even know how I came across but has become one of my favorite bloggers somehow. She tweets her future novel ideas on Twitter with awesome aesthetics AND THEY’RE SO MUCH FUN TO READ.

My blogging-friends, Sophie @blameitonchocolateJustine @ishouldreadthat (I’m going to miss your cats sm 😭💘) May @foreverandeverly + her mangoes (who I didn’t know have gone on hiatus until now) Joana @bookneeders (le Orphan Black fellow enthusiast)

Some bloggers I’ve recently met on Twitter and Instagram but never actually got to interact with through blogging, like Kathy @booksandmunches, Eliza @duskangelreads, Fernanda @thewanderlustreader and Haley @beautifullybooks.

Okay, I know this sounds –and looks- like a goodbye. But it isn’t, I promise. I might post reviews every now and then, comment on some posts.. idk. I’ll be reading, but not as much as I used to. Definitely won’t be requesting any ARCs lol 😂

BUT, if you ever need someone to talk to, send me an email. I’m not even kidding. Head to my “contact” page and send me an email saying whatever the hell you want if you ever need someone to talk to. I may be on a blogging hiatus, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have time for you anymore.

Ummm this is the part were I lose my cool and throw a fit and start sobbing… But you don’t want to see that. Nope.



49 thoughts on “A post in which I tell you about my future plans // HIATUS

  1. bookchantedblog says:

    Awww I’m gonna miss reading your posts! But I totally understand priorities, and it’s great that you know what you want to do and are so focused towards achieving what you want. I’m excited for you and really hope you ace your test first year, cuz I want you back here soon! Best of luck for this year!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Justine says:

    HIGH SCHOOL? I feel so old! I’m going to fill the big sister role here because I’m SO proud of you! You’ve got so much drive and determination — I just know that you’ll succeed. It’s true that you probably wont have as much time to read while you’re studying, but don’t forget to take a little time to rest and relax. You’ll get into the swing of things quickly, but it’s definitely an adjustment (especially if you decide not to live at home).

    If you ever need advice or anything (including cat photos!!), give me a shout. Also, my best friend’s husband is a pharmacist so I’m sure he’s got some advice.

    You’re going to be freaking great!

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    • Nadwa @ painfullyfictional says:

      AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH, Justine! 😍💘💘 I want to make time for reading, even if only for an hour before going to sleep. I think that’s going to be my sanctuary from all the schoolwork. Since the faculty of sciences is a 23-minute drive from home, I’ll be staying at my parents’. But if everything goes according to plan and I get into Pharm school, I’ll be moving to the capital and into a dormitory next year. Thank you so much! 😍 I have a feeling a might need those cat photos 😂 My father’s a pharmacist, too! But I actually might need some pointers from your best friend’s husband at some point 😄 I’ll definitely let you know! 😘❤️

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  3. Em says:

    It sounds like you have quite the year coming up!! I didn’t get to interact with you as much as I wish I could have (I love reading your blog, even if I don’t comment on it as much as I should!). I hope you have an amazing year at uni and you excel at everything you are going to do!! Good luck and I can’t wait for you to be able to return to the blogging world!!

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  4. Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd says:

    Omg Nadwa I’m so SAAAADDDDD. I’m going to miss you so much but I think we all understand why you need this break! I’m sure you will do great and you will EASILY get into Pharm school! I’m keeping all my fingers (and toes) crossed for you because you deserve to be in the top 40 (and I know you’ll get there!!) ❤️

    AND I COULD NEVER FORGET YOU, I’LL DEFINITELY BE HERE WHEN/IF YOU COME BACK. Pinky promise <3333333 will you still be using your Twitter? Or are you going on hiatus everywhere?

    Feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter, Goodreads, Blog, Email…. WHEREVER YOU WANT. I'd love to hear from you every once in a while. ESPECIALLY when the new Shatter Me book comes out and I'll need someone to fangirl with 😉

    I wish you alllllll the best, Nadwa! Love you lots ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  5. duskangelreads says:

    We have barely talked but reading this I feel proud of you and also kinda old haha. Good luck with everything! Never give up on your goals and don’t forget to have fun sometimes either!
    If you ever need to chat you know where I am on Twitter or Insta ☺️

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  6. Reading with Rendz says:

    How could I forget you Nadwa?!?! One of the best and most fun bloggers out there! Thanks so much fur the shout out! I’m here for whenever you need a little reminder as to how great Thorne is! Best of luck in Uni and kill those exams! I’m starting today too, so it looks like we are both beginning a new chapter in life!! I’ll miss you!

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  7. May @ Forever and Everly says:

    AW NOOOOO NADWAAAAA. I knew you were going on hiatus but I didn’t know it would be so long!! ASGDJKSKFKDLLAA. But I totally understand what you’re doing — I’m taking a break as well to focus on school. Everything seems so difficult but I’m 100% sure you’ll achieve thwm, Nadwa! Hopefully I’ll still be blogging by the time you return — I’LL MISS YOOOOOOU! 💗 Best of luck, my dear!!

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  8. Book Princess Review (@_bookprincess_) says:

    Omigosh, Nadwa, I’m not losing my shit (AND THERE ARE NOT BLURRY THINGS IN MY EYES BECAUSE I DON’T BOOK CRY SO I CAN’T CRY). Oh, you are going to be missed, Nadwa! ❤ Well, your posts are going to be missed, because I know you will be out there, kicking some pharmacy butt (dear gosh that sounds so ridiculously intense – here I am, crossing all fingers and toes for you with the best of luck possible). And I mean, with an incentive of YALLWEST and being the incredible, talented, amazing person you are, you don't need much of luck. If I can't spot you on Twitter or Goodreads, be expecting some interesting emails from your contact page (especially when Meyer releases her 2 books. o.o) You're the best, Nadwa, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, because I know you're going to rock it. ❤ Going to miss coming over to your blog to see what ACOTAR, TLC, or what new contemporary book I need to fangirl about. ❤

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  9. thebookcorps says:

    Omg Nadwa it’s happening! I’m not ready 😭😭

    I read this post on my break at work and then spent the rest of the shift in near tears. I had five – FIVE – coworkers come up to me and ask me what was wrong *sobs*

    But in all seriousness, I’m so happy for you and proud of you!! Your education is the most important thing in the world and I know you are going to kick uni’s ass and pass with flying colours!! I have no doubt you will make it into Pharmacy school 💪🏼❤️👩🏻‍⚕️

    And also … AS IF I COULD EVER FORGET YOU!!?? You are one of my best friends on here, there’s no way in hell I’d ever forget you. 💕

    “the girl I tortured the most this year because I created a Goodreads group and literally made her do all the dirty work ” NOOOO not at all, I had so much fun coming up with group stuff with you. It was the absolute best. And you know I’ll still be your English teacher and fairy godmother no matter what 😘

    Also you can’t get rid of me that easily, I’m still going to annoy you on twitter, snapchat and Goodreads, even if you don’t get back to me for a while, which is totally fine. I’m going to miss your face so much, but this is something you have to do and I’m now counting down the days until you return!!! Best of luck with uni – I know you are going to do so so so well 😘😭❤️💕😿

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    • Nadwa @ painfullyfictional says:

      Neither am I!! 😭 I wasn’t that emotional writing it, but then I started reading the comments and it was just too much. I don’t know how this happened but you’ve gone from being a fellow book-blogger to someone who I’d actually miss like hell if I don’t interact with on a daily basis 😭💔 AWHHH Thank you so so so much 😭😭😘💕 I’m going to miss you, too! I’ll definitely try my best to stay on Twitter and I’ll help out with our GR group as much as I can. I’ll be counting down the days, too. I need to do my best so I could come back here ASAP. And if I do make it to Charleston next year, I’m going to make a detour to fetch you and some other bloggers to make that book-convention daydream come true *i may or may not be crying rn* Thank you so much, Laura 😭💘😘😘

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      • thebookcorps says:

        Stop you’re making me cry 😭😭

        And yes I am the same, I feel like I need to talk to you daily or I’m sad 💕 I was telling my sister about how you’re taking a year off and I started tearing up and she’s like “calm down” and I’m like NO this is serious.
        Don’t stress about the GR group, just do what you feel comfortable to – uni comes first always!!!
        Hahaha when you mentioned Yallfest I literally started calculating how much I had to save to go there too 😂😂

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  10. Lia says:

    Aww that’s so sweet! I only just discovered your blog but I’m already in love with it! So sad to see you go!! But good luck with school (that’s important too..), we’ll be here when you get back 😀

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  11. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    Oh no Nadwa!!! I’m gonna miss you so much!! T_T But you said you’ll be checking up on us once in a while so that’s a relief 🙂
    I honestly wish you all the best in this new journey of yours. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic in your studies and everything else you put your mind to. I hope you accomplish everything you wish for, including that trip to YALL!
    I have to say, without you and other fellow blogger friends, this wouldn’t have made sense. I wouldn’t be who I am today and I wouldn’t have had some of the best few months of my life without you guys. So thank you so much for existing and for being part of this lovely community. It means the world that you have included me in your circle, and to receive a shout out in this post made my heart burst ❤
    Have a lovely year at college and please don't forget US! Because I assure you, we won't forget you 🙂 ***

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  12. Jamie @BubblyBooks says:

    Awww… Im so sad to see you go! I loved reading your posts! What am I going to do without them! I mean I understand the need for a break because as a high school senior I too am preparing for the college struggle and understand but still I don’t want to see you go!

    This is probably terrible timing but I recently nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog because I just think you are the greatest and totally deserve it! It totally understand if you don’t have time but I just wanted to let you know.

    Happy reading 🙂


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