Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding Book Review


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[I received a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much, Ms Fielding, for giving me this opportunity]

Can I be considered a Spaniard now that I’ve finished the Andalucian Nights series? I need to thank Ms Fielding for introducing me to:

  1. Proper historical fiction; I never imagined that I’d ever be capable of reading Historical novels. I’m so grateful for this series. I loved each and every book to pieces. The characters are so precious and each one of them holds a special place in my heart.
  2. SPAIN. Okay, I had this insane obsession with everything Spanish back in the day. But this is different on so many levels. I mean, I ACTUALLY KNOW SOME SPANISH NOW. It’s not much, but I genuinely know a couple of words, legends, proverbs, some Arabic ones at that! So, yes, saying that I spent the whole time fangirling over the most typical things in this series would be the understatement of the century.

What I noticed is that although the three books in the series took place in Spain, I did not find any repetition with the descriptions of scenery and landscape. And let’s make one thing clear. I have never tolerated long paragraphs of scenery descriptions due to them boring me out of my mind, but Ms Fielding quite literally makes the scenery come alive. I’d read a whole book of her describing Spain’s landmarks and landscapes and I wouldn’t complain one bit.

Now, let’s talk about Indiscretion.

I knew I was going to like this book from the very first chapter. We were introduced to Alexandra, a half-Spanish half-English writer who lives in England with her aunt. When her father pays her a visit after 15 years and asks her to come back to Spain with him to meet her family, she decides to go ahead and do just that.

Meeting her aristocratic family was the funniest and most entertaining scene I’ve read. The grumpy stepmother, the spoiled stepsister, the sweet and amusing cousin, and the incredibly charming and mysterious 2nd cousin with a tortured past. Like, seriously, one cannot walk away from a book with such alive and interesting characters.

This is a coming-of-age story. A woman trying to find her roots, and stumbling across love on her journey.

Ramon is my spirit animal. That guy is incredibly underrated. The novel would have never made it without him, I can say that with one hundred percent certainty.

What made this book my favorite one yet is that scene with Alexandra and Salvador, where she’s hell-bent on proving to him that “she doesn’t need the protection Spanish women seem to accept without question”. Yes, she was struggling, trying to make sense of those Spanish customs, which she doesn’t find quite logical. That banter was honestly my favorite part of the novel. I can relate a lot to what she was going through, as I, myself, am trying make sense of those very same customs that are still present in my society.

But the best part was the compromise the couple seemed to have reached at the end of the book. To swallow your pride for the sake of being with the one you love only to find that they’ve done the very same thing. To apologize and get an apology in return? It was all very overwhelming and absolutely incredible.



Indiscretion (Andalucían Nights #1)

by Hannah Fielding

A young woman’s journey of discovery takes her to a world of forbidden passion, savage beauty, and revenge.

Spring, 1950. Alexandra de Falla, a half-English, half-Spanish young writer abandons her privileged but suffocating life in London and travels to Spain to be reunited with her long-estranged family.

Instead of providing the sense of belonging she yearns for, the de Fallas are driven by seething emotions, and in the grip of the wild customs and traditions of Andalucia, all of which are alien to Alexandra.

Among the strange characters and sultry heat of this country, she meets the man who awakens emotions she hardly knew existed. But their path is strewn with obstacles: dangerous rivals, unpredictable events, and inevitable indiscretions. What does Alexandra’s destiny hold for her in this flamboyant land of drama and all-consuming passions, where blood is ritually poured on to the sands of sun-drenched bullfighting arenas, mysterious gypsies are embroiled in magic and revenge, and beautiful dark-eyed dancers hide their secrets behind elegant lacy fans?

“Indiscretion”is a story of love and identity, and the clash of idealsin the pursuit of happiness. But can love survive in a world where scandal and danger are never far away?


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