An Open Letter to Netgalley and Goodreads


Dear Netgalley and Goodreads, 

Today I discovered that your sites will no longer be providing services (or limiting services) to international readers and I am absolutely devastated.

Contrary to popular belief, America is not the only country in the world.

For those who are unaware of what is happening, Goodreads will, from January 2018, prevent authors from creating giveaways for international readers. Basically, authors will have to pay $119 for a giveaway base package, and $599 for the premium. Previously, all authors had to pay for was shipping. Read more here.

Netgalley, on the other hand, has severely limited the amount of…

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A post in which I tell you about my future plans // HIATUS

A post in which I tell you about my future plans HIATUS

This is the dreaded post, guys. This is it.

So most of you know that I’ve recently graduated from high school. And some of you are already aware that I’ll be going on a hiatus soon. Why? I’m starting uni. I know most of you would be like, “But I’m  in uni and I work and read and blog and study just fine.” And yes, I know that. But I’m going to a public uni. One literally notorious for screwing student’s brains over. It’s incredibly competitive and exhausting, but the result is totally worth it. Continue reading

Words and Phrases I Use Devotedly as a Book Blogger

Words and Phrases I Use Devotedly


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post that isn’t a book review or a tag. I’ve been having a reviewing slump lately. Which is as terrifying and as frustrating as it sounds. But I’ve been thinking about how annoying my tweeting/blogging/Goodreads-ing habits are. Especially when it comes to my overuse of GIFs and certain words and phrases that I’ve realized are extremely irritating. Continue reading

Discussion: Is it Okay to DNF ARCs?

Discussion- Is it Okay to DNF ARCs-

good objects

Here’s a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I first started blogging -and reading ARCs, is it okay to DNF them? You’ve been asked to submit an honest review, isn’t marking an ARC as did-not-finish a part of giving your honest and truthful opinion on said ARC?

(D.N.F. has literally become a verb to me now. DNF this and DNF that, there’s a present continuous form, too. DNFing; look at that! 😂 In my head, it’s become dee-en-ef, which literally has no connection to ‘did-not-finish’ whatsoever. lol. So bear with me!)

I’d be lying if I said that I treat at ARC exactly the way I treat a published book I got from the bookstore. When I find that I’m losing interest in an ARC, I push myself to read more, to try harder, because I feel like I owe it to the publisher/author. But the second I feel like I’m losing interest in a published book I got, I’d toss it across the room (it’s a metaphor, lol) and probably not feel that guilty about abandoning it.

I found myself DNFing a couple of ARCs in June. Out of the 12 ARCs I read, I DNFd 4. That’s 1/3. That’s a pretty scary ratio, isn’t it?

So what about you? How often do you DNF ARCs? Do you feel guilty about it when you do? Do you treat ARCs the same way you do a published book? Let me know!